Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Update Time

So, quick update from the past year's goals.

I was slightly healthier.  I went to the gym consistently most weeks and preportioned healthy meals out.  This next semester the goal will be to continue to become even more faithful in going to the gym and eating healthy amounts of food.

Perseverance spiritually - this happened.  I started having some type of quiet time consistently every day, even if it was a super short one and only one line in a journal.  It helped.  Now the goal will be to continue in this (especially over summer) and to continue to memorize Scripture.

Learning Tagalog - did not really happen.  Learning some guitar and ukele did, though.  So this goal was still a success.  I've got Tagalog lessons to listen to, so I'm going to have the goal next year to be to listen to a Tagalog lesson 2 times a week at work.  I'll see if that helps.

Driving comfortably - this has sort of happened.  I drove from SC to AL nearly completely by myself (with someone else in the car).  Now the goal is to drive back up all by myself and to be able to drive to Sim when needed.  Still don't go a whole lot of anywhere.  But I'm light years more confident than a year ago and can get to where I need to go for the most part.  Driving still makes me extremely nervous though.

Delegate/say no to things - didn't do so hot on this one.  I think I always seem to think I can handle more so I say yes.  My goal for this next semester is simply to say an absolute no to scheduling anything on a Monday.  I'm going to pretend that Mondays don't even exist scheduling wise and see if I can remain steadfast in saying no to scheduling things on a Monday.

So, that's how I did.  This summer the goals are:
- clean out the house
- have a garage sale
- remain consistent in my quiet time
- finish as much homework as humanly possible
- and make money for this next school year

We'll see how I do.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Semester, New Goals

Well, it is a new semester - which means changes.
I always like to start off semesters with goals.  Who I will be at the end of the semester.  If I don't I generally end up being a person I don't like by the end of the semester, and I like being happy with who I am.  So here are some of my goals for the semester:

I want to be healthier.
Yes, I have pretty much tried doing this for my entire life, but I want to make permanent life changes like eating healthier, exercising more, going to bed/waking up at good times (even during the most pressured weeks in the semester).  Thus far, this has been fairly successful.  I'm getting in at least 3 workouts a week and have found some exercises I actually enjoy, I've had the occasional bad day when it comes to eating healthy but I haven't allowed a slip to cause me to ditch the whole goal and have gotten right back on track.  As for bed times..that needs more work.  It is very easy for me to end up staying up too late because I'll get to the end of the day and need to unwind which seems to take a while.  So a side goal will be to establish a good unwinding routine (one that preferably takes only around an hour.
A smaller goal in lieu of healthiness is to have better dental hygiene meaning flossing everyday like the dentist tells you to.  That didn't usually happen in the past..  As for success so far - I have not missed this at all.  Three weeks and counting!

Perseverance spiritually.
For some reason, seminary has not been good for my walk with God which has lately been a bit of a struggle.  This is my fault because I'm not as consistent as I should be when it comes to reading the Bible (for non school purposes).  It's so easy to just be content with reading the Bible for my classes, but I need that time where I do this just for myself - not to fulfill a class requirement.  This is something that is getting better, but has a ways to go.  I'm just taking one day at a time and keeping the conversation with God open throughout the day.
Also I'm wanting to memorize more Scripture.  So far I've taken steps to make this happen, but still don't have a lot of results to show for it.  Hopefully things will sink in soon and I'll have something to show for the work.

I want to learn things I've always said I would learn.
Like Tagalog - because I've always wished for that day when someone will say, "So you grew up in the Philippines?  Can you speak the language?" and I'll finally be able to say, "Yes.  Yes I do."  instead of "A little.".  Plus it would be so much fun to talk with the other Filipinos I'm always meeting. 
Also I would love to learn an instrument.  I own a flute.  I took one year of flute in 5th grade and have rarely touched it since.  That would be fun to finally learn to play well.  I also have access to a ukulele and would like to learn to play it.  I think ukulele will be more likely to be learned because I like to sing along to music and you can do that with ukulele but not really with flute (also flute is rather loud..). 

I want to learn how to drive comfortably. 
Yes I have a license, but driving is quite frankly the biggest obstacle and fear inducing activity I have faced since starting college.  I can fly along on a plane for 24hours with little to no nerves, but when it comes to driving anywhere my vision blurs I get so stressed.  I just want to be able to do what it seems like most other people my age can do effortlessly and even look forward to.  I'm not sure how to accomplish this, but I have begun with little bits of practice just driving around campus.  I know it seems like nothing, but I think I'm having to work with a gradual desensitization or something.  I crammed learning to drive and getting my license in one summer and came out pretty traumatized - it was not good.  I went from no driving to going to the dmv every day to attempt getting my license and had to leave 3 times feeling like a complete utter and hopeless failure before getting my license on the fourth try.  I'm not great under pressure or making quick decisions and driving is just one quick pressurized decision after another.  "Can I make it through before the light turns red?  Can I cross here before the oncoming traffic comes through or should I wait for the protected arrow? ..oh, and my absolute favorite..Where in the stinkin world was I even going to begin with and how in the absolute world do I get there??"  Yup.  I've heard about driving, I've been told to be patient with myself.  I've been told to face my fears.  I've had others comfort me with their own stories, but at the end of the day I still wonder if I will get over this.  This is something I'm working on, but I'm trying to take the pressure off as much as possible.  Most of my close friends don't know I have a car now.  I still get rides most places.  My most adventurous drive has been to The Village.  Yup.  But I will continue to move forward and look out for the day that I get in the car and think only about what I'm needing to do once I'm at my destination instead of worrying about the car and how to drive it.  I'm clinging to the hope that that day will someday come and just taking this walk to overcoming this fear one tiny step at a time.

Delegate/Say No when I can't do something.
This will be key this semester and next so this is kind of a year long goal.  I don't like saying no, which means I end up stretching myself past the breaking point way too many times.  I must learn my limits better this year and learn to bide by them even if I think they're stupid or wish they weren't where they are.  This one will be hard, so far not bad though.  But I haven't had much testing so far here.  That's going to change quickly, though.  I'm going to have to guard against overbooking myself.

So, those are my main semester goals.  Oddly, none of them have anything to do with school...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Cure For Despair - 9/28/09

How can we combat despair and depression?  It can seem when we are in the midst of it that we will never make it out but that it will continue forever, but in Psalms 77:7-15 David articulates how he is full of despair and depressed.  He describes that he is feeling:
- Cast off forever
- No more
- Ceased
- Forgotten
- Shut up
- And failed

But, he also moves on from there to the cure:
- Remember, remember, remember who He is and what He's done
- Meditate thinking and rethinking on who He is and what He's done
- Talk about who He is and what He's done
- Praise and Worship Him - "You are great, You are, You have done, You promised..."

In case you haven't noticed, all of these steps rely on remembering the past.  History enables us to judge our situation in comparison with Almighty God and helps us to avoid extremes of either naively believing trouble will never come or believing that trouble will never go away.  By looking at the past we are often able to more clearly see the future.  But, we don't DWELL on the past - we LEARN from it.  We practice history when we worship by remembering.  Journaling our spiritual walk with Christ can help us to see how He has been faithful and serve as a reminder to continue to faithfully follow and trust in Him.
- (these are notes I took during Sunday's sermon)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fiery Airplanes - Monday, February 21, 2011 at 6:31pm

 I just saw a plane that looked like it was on fire because it was reflecting the sunset.  If God is the sun do we seek His face and reflect Him so much that others will mistake us for being on fire?  Just a thought.

Something I Need to Remember - Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 12:09pm

1 God is our father who knows us inside and out better than anyone and also knows the future.
2. Thus God knows what we will choose before we choose it.
3. Why doesn’t God help us to choose differently when we are tempted – he does and would if we would let him.  If we do not walk with the Spirit, how can he help us?  It’s like we have a walky talky to the holy spirit and the holy spirit can communicate the way out from different temptations and tell us what is right, but we have to recharge the batteries daily or the signal breaks up.  God has provided the way out from every temptation, but if we have not ‘charged our battery’ how then can we see that way out?  How can we choose right?  The old man becomes the stronger signal because that battery never has to be changed because we chose sin from the beginning.  Prayer and daily communion with the Holy Spirit is essential to fighting temptation.  Every day we do not commune with the Holy Spirit it is like God giving us protective armor and we refuse to use it!  By not reading the Bible we can have all the rest of the armor on, but we do not have the sword to fight the Devil.  We are protected but we cannot be proactive and fight we must just take Satan’s blows.  We MUST put on EVERY piece of armor that is given us if we are to not only withstand Satan’s attacks but FIGHT BACK!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


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